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Where is the Internship based?

Trulife headquarters are based in Kloof (Durban).  This is where we meet every day before heading out to schools.


What does the application process look like?

Once you have filled out the online application form and it has been reviewed by the Trulife staff, you will be contacted to set up an interview.  After confirming your interview appointment date, you will need to collect three letters of reference: one from your pastor, one from a teacher or mentor, and one from a friend.  These letters of reference will be collected upon your arrival at your interview.  You will be contacted within a week after your interview with a final decision on whether you have been accepted.


What information should my letters of reference include?

The letter should contain three main sections:

  1. An introduction of who the writer is and how they relate to the applicant.
  2. A section detailing the character of the applicant.
  3. A section exploring why Trulife should accept the applicant into the Internship program.

The references do not need to be long.  They are merely a tool for the organization to get a broader, more comprehensive view of the applicant.


What time do production days start?

Production days start anywhere between 4:30am and 9am.  We meet 10-15 minutes before we depart for the school to touch base as a team, pray and prepare for the day ahead.


Do Trulife Interns get holidays?

Trulife Interns generally get the same holidays as schools as we do not have any productions.


How many days a week is the Internship?

Every intern has 3 days of being out at productions and are in at the office on a Tuesday to attend Bible College and Creative Streams.  Every intern will get one day off a week.


Can I study and/or work while doing the Internship?

Trulife is passionate about every one of our members getting a qualification.  We would highly recommend that you study through correspondence while doing the Internship.


You are not able to work during your year in the Internship program.  It is important that although you do not have to work 5 days a week, you are available to swap with someone if there are any emergencies or cancellations, etc.


Does the program accept international or regional applicants?

Yes we do accept applicants that live outside of the greater Durban area, however you will need to find your own accommodation and travel plans.